A Little Bit About Me

Hello! I'm Kyle. Welcome to my site!

Originally from Kansas City, MO, I graduated from Oklahoma State in 2012, receiving my degree in International Business with a double minor (Mandarin Chinese & International Studies). I am passion about people, photography, and projects - that is the way God made me. I love being involved in many things!


Since a kid, I have loved photography and traveling internationally - and that passion for people, photos and passport stamps has led me to documenting some of the most incredible moments - from war-torn Africa to family portraits in Texas. These are legacy moments... moments that will last forever, because of photos.  I have been told to focus my photography work towards one niche - and while I understand, I love documenting all things.

My passion for capturing legacy moments has fueled me to document thousands of people around the world. I have traveled to 38 nations in the last 15 years and prayerfully plan to visit every nation in my lifetime, not just for fun - but documenting the work of international organizations, gatherings and events, and more!

After graduation, I completed a capstone study abroad experience in Shanghai and moved to Houston, TX. My work history has varied any good millennial...not due to boredom or wanting to be more fulfilled, but because the Lord opened doors and guided me through each step!


Several years at Phillips 66 in their Marketing and Project Management division - working with incredible people and serving the community

Opened a coffee shop and bar with friends - serving up coffee, tacos, wine and live music in Houston's emerging arts district

African NGO Communications and media director - a ministry doing incredible work by drilling clean water wells and sharing the Gospel through Radio in war-torn South Sudan

Now Texas Rep for the Seed Company — a ministry dedicated to translating scripture for the remaining bibleless languages of the world! Through each of these careers, photography has grown deeper and more refined.

My first paid project was when I was 16, but that is not when it all began - my love of photography started when I was a kid....with my first Kodak disposable camera that I took to my 4th Grade field trip with Ms. Spedding's class. As a 9 year old, I documented half my film roll with my Siberian Husky (who was bigger than me) and the remaining half was our field trip to the Missouri capitol. I still have those negatives and that photo album!

I am passionate about my friends, family, Rooted Conferences - link it: http://rootedconferences.com - (a ministry I started with friends and still get to lead!), church planting — helping launch Hope City Church - link it: hopecity.com (2014) and Sandbox Church - link it: http://sandboxchurch.com/ (2016). All of these things are amazing, but one thing has always remained the same: God is so good and so faithful. The Lord has used all my experiences to radically change my life, forever.

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